What inspires you? Traveling to different countries and exploring different cultures is very inspiring to me. I like seeing how other people live and work, and meeting different people from around the world.

Career highlight? I feel really good when I’m making people smile, I like helping people. If other people are happy, then I’m happy, and everyone is happy at Icon.

What should people know about Icon? That we are a fun, happy place. We’re just a fun place to be! Everyone here is really nice and knowledgeable.

If I’m not at Icon, I’m probably… I’m working out, driving my daughter around, taking care of my animals, cooking, cleaning, shopping. Not much, I lead a boring life (laughing).

Spring or Fall fashion? Fall, for sure! I love sweater weather.

I started at Icon because… Because I used to get my hair done here! Still do! I just really love the vibe here and Jody asked me to work so I said absolutely! I’m still glad I joined this fun team.

What movie or T.V. character is most like you? Elaine from Seinfeld.

I never leave home without… My purse, my phone. I’ve actually left my phone at home a couple of times.

What is the hair product you can’t live without? Bumble and Bumble Anti Humidity Gel Oil, best stuff ever!

Shuree joined our front desk staff in August of 2015.  Shuree is always having fun, usually joking around with her coworkers or customers, lighting up the environment with her quotes from shows about nothing! She really makes the atmosphere here fun and will always go out of her way to help anyone.