Jen G

What inspires you? New things, trying out new and different colors and changing people’s hair around to something new.

Favorite style destination? New York, New York

What should people know about me? I’m fast!

What should people know about Icon? There’s three bathrooms, but you can only use two.

If I’m not at Icon, I’m probably… I’m never not here! (laughter) I’m probably at home with my kids or with my family. We have a cabin up north we visit a lot.

I became a stylists because… I didn’t even want to be a stylist (laughter). This is funny, I went in to do nails and they talked me into doing hair. And then it turned out I didn’t like nails and I liked hair. The end! That’s my story. (laughter) I did! I walked in like, “I think I wanna be a nail person!” Now remember, I’m 18, okay? So I was like, “I want to do nails!” And they said, “Okay… How about you go for the whole program?” And then… yeah. Really that’s true, true fact. True story.

What movie or T.V. character is most like you? I’ve been told, and I’ve never watched this show so I don’t know what this girl’s name is, but there’s a brown haired girl- Two Broke Girls! They say that I’m like the brown haired one (Max Black). I don’t know who she is though so I don’t know if its true or not.

What is your hair specialty? I like color, I like extensions. Curls too, I like doing things with curly hair.

What is the hair product you can’t live without? Silk Therapy, Biosilk, if I’m stuck on an island that’s what I would have.

Jen went to cosmetology school with Jody and they became fast friends.  A few years post-school when Jody decided to open Icon, Jen was on board and started with Icon in its inception in September 2003.  Jen is incredibly driven and is always doing her best to accommodate her customers.